Below is a list of different service people that you are free to contact.


Shraddha Fateh
Deep massages, yoga stretching, ayurvedic massages, detox massages.
Phone: +34 686 577 116

All kind of classic massages, physiotherapy, osteopathy, ayurvedic massages.
Phone: +34 660 141 414

Fusion of oriental and occidental massage styles (thai, californian, chinese, ayurvedic, reiki, reflexology and classic styles.
Phone: +34 657 475 337

Therapeutic massage, sport massage, treatment of muscles contrations, Thai massage, deep-tissue massages, Californian massange (Esalen Institute).
Phone: +34 653 643 790

Deep-tissue massage, east-west fusión styles, muscle contractions treatment.
Phone: +34 675 464 258


Patrice Moreau
French and international cuisine, exotic buffets (Thai, Indian, Moroccan, Mediterranean, Creole).
Phone: +34 637978735
Email: [email protected]

Michael Arthur
Healthy food, savoury dishes, dips, soups, sweet dishes, raw vegan.
Email: [email protected]

Jerome Pumo
French cuisine, local dishes, international cuisine, all with natural and organic products.
Phone: +34 650726 401
Email: [email protected]

Justin Horne
Fine Dining, Japanese and Molecular Cuisine.
Phone: +44 7912645990
Email: [email protected]

Kim Olsen
Versatile cooking, fresh Mediterranean style, Asian menus, always with marked and farm fresh produce.
Phone: +34 618483704
Email: [email protected]

Nacho López
Mediterranean cuisine and modern international food.
Phone:  +34 659195547
Email: [email protected]

Kristian Troncoso
Holistic, asian, mediterranean and bio-fusion cuisine.
Phone: +34 722292464
Email: [email protected]


James De Maria
Phone:+34 637 151 396
James has been teaching Yoga to adults, children and teachers for over 20 years. His choreographic background in Dance makes his style fun and accessible to all levels.
120€/ hour for house sessions up to three people. Over that 150€/ hour


Leon Gold
Martial Arts & KickBox, Group Fitness Dance Workouts, Pain therapy and motion therapy with LnB Painless, Flexibility and relax workout.
Phone: +34 660 391 619

Tim Gold
Weight reduction programmes, Rehabilitation after cardiovascular diseases and diseases of the muscoskeletal system, Nutrition consulting, Anti-Ageing nutrition, Performance diagnostics.
Phone: +34 648 982 300

Kev Grant
Toning, strenght and conditioning, Rehabilitation, Martial arts based fitness training, Triathlon and multi-sport specific programs, Complementary functional exercise programs.
Phone: +34 618 008 533


BEAUTY (Face, Body, Nails)

The beauty room
Work: 971194945
[email protected]