Ibiza history


More than 3000 years ago the first people settled in Ibiza. In 654 B.C. the Carthaginians discovered the island and called the two islands of Ibiza and Formentera, the Pitiusas – which means the ‘Pine-covered island’.

The Romans came by in 123 B.C. and named the island Ebusus. You can still see the roman gates at the entrance to Dal’t Vila (the old town in Ibiza town) . Also in Santa Eulalia there’s a Roman bridge at the entrance to the town – which has been restored since of course.
After the island had been invaded by all kinds of different people including The Barbarians (known today as “The English”), it was the Arabs turn and they stayed for about 500 years. In 1235, it was the Catalans (from the Spanish mainland) who decided to have a go and they tore down the Arab mosque and built the present day Cathedral on its foundations. However, the Catalans’ was not good at keeping an eye out for visitors, and this attracted plundering pirates. So during the 16th century, they constructed the walls and towers of Ibiza town – the same walls you can see today. When a pirate ship was spotted, the nearest light tower would be lit, which could be seen by the next one, which also lit a fire, until the whole island was lit, so everyone on the island could run screaming to the nearest church for safety.

Today, all sorts of crazy people from many different countries continue to invade the island, take what they want and go back. So the local ibicencos have become pretty tolerant and has seen it all before.

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