Ibiza weather

The weather in Ibiza is generally nice all year.

People often ask, how is Ibiza like in winter?
Well, winters in Ibiza are mild with a bit shorter days (still hours longer than north of Europe of course).
It can get windy and rainy from November to February but the temperature never drops below freezing point, it’s usually around 15-16 °C.
In this time we still have many days where you sit with only a t-shirt and enjoy the sun.

When Spring comes around, the days get longer and warmer with temperatures around 20 °C.
The evenings are still a bit chilly and it is still too cold for swimming in the sea. However this is a great time for a more sporty activities like long walks and bicycling.

If beach holiday is what you are looking for – then the best time to visit the island, is from mid-June to the end of September, and the sea is still nice and refreshing in the beginning of the season. July and August are the warmest months in Ibiza with temperatures up to 30 °C + . In this period you need to spend time in the water every day.

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