The North

The North – the more quiet part of Ibiza

“The North is greener, less populated and more bohemian than the rest of the island”

People choose the north for many reasons; the many unique restaurants, the impressive green scenery, the rolling country side, the deserted beaches and less tourists during summer.

Ibiza’s north is also famous for its alternative and laidback lifestyle. With numerous opportunities to heal your body and mind its reputation as a wellness and healing community is obvious as well.

All walks of life flock to this part of the island from the young, edgy new-agers escaping the city and the retired bankers to ex-hippies and the originals who never looked back. 

The north fashion is colour full with headscarves, ponchos, gilets, feathers and oversized hats.

The Las Dalias hippie market, the San Juan market and the Sunset drumming at the Benirras beach are all known institutions of the north.

Some people enjoy to go to the north east in summer, to make the most of the early morning sun on one of the beautiful east coast beaches. During the deserted in winter, the sun still shines creating great spots for picnics, horse back riding and hikes.

Properties in the north are usually large plots of land with neighbours in the distance.

Old farm buildings (fincas) – are extremely popular, so you will see many beautifully restored old fincas around. It is however increasingly difficult to still find an old original finca that has not already been done up.

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